Brass and the beach

Brass and Sasha were tired of the cold weather so they booked a week on a beach. After they checked into their suite and changed out of winter clothes, they went down to a day cabana on the private beach. The cabana was mainly a thatched roof with three sides and an open side facing the ocean.

The sound of the surf was just what they needed. Sasha stripped off her sundress to reveal a hot pink string bikini top and thong bottoms. “Brass, could you rub some sunscreen on my back?” “Of course.” Brass took the lotion and rubbed it over Sasha’s back and her slick hands slid slowly down to Sasha’s ass. Brass made sure to rub extra lotion on that firm round ass.

Sasha felt her ass cheeks being moved up and down as Brass rubbed on the lotion. Her pussy was beginning to throb with excitement. She turned and pressed Brass against the couch as she kissed her long and deep.

Brass sat on the arm of the couch to be at nipple height as she reached behind Sasha’s neck and untied the top of her bikini. The hot pink top fell down to reveal dark nipples that were erect and perfect. Brass cupped full breasts and slowly filled her mouth sucking in satin smooth skin as the dark nipple filled her mouth.

As Sasha watched and felt Brass suck her nipple with strong deep pulls, electricity ignited in her crotch. Each time Brass sucked, it sent heat waves through Sasha’s body. Her body was so alive that her orgasm was already dancing around the edges.

Bras pulled her head back with Sasha’s tit in it until her tit popped out with a wet smack sound. As Brass replaced Sasha’s hot pink bikini top, she said, “Time for a swim in the ocean.” Sasha knew Brass was in charge and adjusted her top before she stepped down the steps toward the ocean. Brass enjoyed the view as Sasha walked on the beach. Her bright pink thong riding between sweet round ass cheeks.

With her toes in warm white sand, Brass walked slowly toward the water. Already in the up to her thighs in the gentle waves, Sasha turned with the sunset behind her creating a beautiful silouete. “Come in and watch this beautiful sunset with me Brass.” Brass smiled and stepped into the turquoise water.

Written by Flykr

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