Sasha and the beach

Brass looked forward to the third Thursday every month. It was on the third Thursday that Brass gave Sasha a Brazilian Wax. An accidental and delightful discovery that made both of them very sexually turned on.

After a light dinner, Sasha went upstairs to prepare the wax. Brass took her time vaporizing a bowl and doing some yoga stretches to get ready for the rest of the evening. She took a glass of ice water with her and headed for Sash.

Sasha already had the massage table set up in their large bathroom and the wax was just about melted. Brass walked over to Sasha and pulled her into a long embrace. Inhaling her clean skin and holding her curvy body close, Brass began nibbling on Sasha’s neck, which sent waves of pleasure pulsing through Sasha’s body.

Brass gently guided Sasha to the massage table and reached for her glass of ice water as Sasha lay down on the table. Taking a long drink of water, as Sasha lay naked on the massage table, Brass kept a cube of ice in her mouth. She spread Sasha’s legs and started sucking on her clit with ice-cold lips. She moved her mouth down and slipped the ice inside Sasha’s pussy. Sasha’s inhaled sharply and Brass smiled.

Brass stood and reached for the wooden paddle and dipped it in the liquid wax. She spread it up one side of Sasha’s pussy and quickly rubbed a strip of fabric over the warm wax. She repeated this all around Sasha’s pussy area until her pussy was surrounded with strips of waxed fabric. Brass took the rest of the ice water and dripped it down Sasha’s pussy while she licked and sucked the water and Sasha’s pussy.

Sasha lay on the table and was almost orgasmic when Brass slipped the ice in her pussy and sucked her clit. The warm wax felt good and was a delightful reminder of what was to come. As Brass dripped the water and sucked her clit, Sasha’s body was pulsing and ready to explode.

Brass stopped just as Sasha was about to cum and smiled. After she put the glass on the counter, she reached for the first piece of waxy fabric and ripped it off. Piece after piece she ripped and Sasha began to cum. Her orgasm grew stronger and stronger, and when the wax was all gone and Sasha was almost to the top of her climax, Brass bent and sucked on Sasha’s clit until Sasha screamed out at the crest of her orgasm.

Brass stood and took pleasure in watching Sasha loose control at her command. As Sasha’s body slowly let go of ecstasy and returned to earth, she smiled at Brass. She sat up to put her arms around Brass’s neck and kissed her. They got in the shower together.

As the water streamed over Brass’s full tits, Sasha began sucking on first one and then the other. As she sucked, Brass began to feel a tingling all the way to her crotch. Sasha let go of her tit and moved lower to take Brass’s clit in her mouth.

Brass watched the water stream over Sasha as her tongue flicked over her clit. Sasha started sucking and finger fucking Brass’s cunt. First one finger, then two, then three, and finally four. Sucking and fingers in and out and sucking until Brass’s body erupted in a strong wall of release. She grabbed both sides of Sasha’s head with her hands and pulled her mouth tight to her pussy. Holding her there while her pulsing pussy filled Sasha’s mouth with pussy cum. Sasha licked it up like candy.

Brass pulled her up to kiss her deeply. They dried off and rubbed lotion on each other’s body. As they lay snuggled naked in bed, Brass reached down and rubbed Sasha’s balled pussy and smiled as she went to sleep.

Written by Flikr


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