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Sasha and the beach

Brass looked forward to the third Thursday every month. It was on the third Thursday that Brass gave Sasha a Brazilian Wax. An accidental and delightful discovery that made both of them very sexually turned on. After a light dinner, Sasha went upstairs to prepare the wax. Brass took her time vaporizing a bowl and doing some yoga stretches to get ready for the rest of the evening. She took a glass of ice water with her and headed for […]

Brass and the beach

Brass and Sasha were tired of the cold weather so they booked a week on a beach. After they checked into their suite and changed out of winter clothes, they went down to a day cabana on the private beach. The cabana was mainly a thatched roof with three sides and an open side facing the ocean. The sound of the surf was just what they needed. Sasha stripped off her sundress to reveal a hot pink string bikini top […]

Brass Caterer Part II

After the party, Sasha and Brass were sitting out back by the pool watching Rex and his hot assistants clean up. Rex had one female assistant named Candy. Candy was a tall Swede with a long blonde braided ponytail hanging down her back. It hung over a black tank top and black mini circle skirt. Her large fake tits looked like they would be a lot of fun. She was bending over as she folded the chairs belonging to Rex’s […]

Brass and the Caterers

Brass knew she was on the right track when Sasha squealed with delight at the suggestion. It had been a while since they had a dinner party, and Brass knew how much her wife loved a good party. There was a new caterer in town with great reviews, so they agreed Brass would contact him. Two weeks later, the smells coming from their kitchen were magical. The caterer, named Rex, moved his chiseled body all around the kitchen. After making […]

Brass Appetizers

Brass was a name she earned while she was clawing her way up in the industry. Brass, as in Brass Balls, and you better believe it. Do not fuck with her or prepare to be crushed. Running her company had its good days and a few bad days, but the money was finally starting to come in and life was looking up. Her pale skin and piercing blue eyes contrasted with her long dark hair as she jumped in her […]