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Brass looked forward to the third Thursday every month. It was on the third Thursday that Brass gave Sasha a Brazilian Wax. An accidental and delightful discovery that made both of them very sexually turned on.

After a light dinner, Sasha went upstairs to prepare the wax. Brass took her time vaporizing a bowl and doing some yoga stretches to get ready for the rest of the evening. She took a glass of ice water with her and headed for Sash.

Sasha already had the massage table set up in their large bathroom and the wax was just about melted. Brass walked over to Sasha and pulled her into a long embrace. Inhaling her clean skin and holding her curvy body close, Brass began nibbling on Sasha’s neck, which sent waves of pleasure pulsing through Sasha’s body.

Brass gently guided Sasha to the massage table and reached for her glass of ice water as Sasha lay down on the table. Taking a long drink of water, as Sasha lay naked on the massage table, Brass kept a cube of ice in her mouth. She spread Sasha’s legs and started sucking on her clit with ice-cold lips. She moved her mouth down and slipped the ice inside Sasha’s pussy. Sasha’s inhaled sharply and Brass smiled.

Brass stood and reached for the wooden paddle and dipped it in the liquid wax. She spread it up one side of Sasha’s pussy and quickly rubbed a strip of fabric over the warm wax. She repeated this all around Sasha’s pussy area until her pussy was surrounded with strips of waxed fabric. Brass took the rest of the ice water and dripped it down Sasha’s pussy while she licked and sucked the water and Sasha’s pussy.

Sasha lay on the table and was almost orgasmic when Brass slipped the ice in her pussy and sucked her clit. The warm wax felt good and was a delightful reminder of what was to come. As Brass dripped the water and sucked her clit, Sasha’s body was pulsing and ready to explode.

Brass stopped just as Sasha was about to cum and smiled. After she put the glass on the counter, she reached for the first piece of waxy fabric and ripped it off. Piece after piece she ripped and Sasha began to cum. Her orgasm grew stronger and stronger, and when the wax was all gone and Sasha was almost to the top of her climax, Brass bent and sucked on Sasha’s clit until Sasha screamed out at the crest of her orgasm.

Brass stood and took pleasure in watching Sasha loose control at her command. As Sasha’s body slowly let go of ecstasy and returned to earth, she smiled at Brass. She sat up to put her arms around Brass’s neck and kissed her. They got in the shower together.

As the water streamed over Brass’s full tits, Sasha began sucking on first one and then the other. As she sucked, Brass began to feel a tingling all the way to her crotch. Sasha let go of her tit and moved lower to take Brass’s clit in her mouth.

Brass watched the water stream over Sasha as her tongue flicked over her clit. Sasha started sucking and finger fucking Brass’s cunt. First one finger, then two, then three, and finally four. Sucking and fingers in and out and sucking until Brass’s body erupted in a strong wall of release. She grabbed both sides of Sasha’s head with her hands and pulled her mouth tight to her pussy. Holding her there while her pulsing pussy filled Sasha’s mouth with pussy cum. Sasha licked it up like candy.

Brass pulled her up to kiss her deeply. They dried off and rubbed lotion on each other’s body. As they lay snuggled naked in bed, Brass reached down and rubbed Sasha’s balled pussy and smiled as she went to sleep.

Written by Flikr


Brass and Sasha were tired of the cold weather so they booked a week on a beach. After they checked into their suite and changed out of winter clothes, they went down to a day cabana on the private beach. The cabana was mainly a thatched roof with three sides and an open side facing the ocean.

The sound of the surf was just what they needed. Sasha stripped off her sundress to reveal a hot pink string bikini top and thong bottoms. “Brass, could you rub some sunscreen on my back?” “Of course.” Brass took the lotion and rubbed it over Sasha’s back and her slick hands slid slowly down to Sasha’s ass. Brass made sure to rub extra lotion on that firm round ass.

Sasha felt her ass cheeks being moved up and down as Brass rubbed on the lotion. Her pussy was beginning to throb with excitement. She turned and pressed Brass against the couch as she kissed her long and deep.

Brass sat on the arm of the couch to be at nipple height as she reached behind Sasha’s neck and untied the top of her bikini. The hot pink top fell down to reveal dark nipples that were erect and perfect. Brass cupped full breasts and slowly filled her mouth sucking in satin smooth skin as the dark nipple filled her mouth.

As Sasha watched and felt Brass suck her nipple with strong deep pulls, electricity ignited in her crotch. Each time Brass sucked, it sent heat waves through Sasha’s body. Her body was so alive that her orgasm was already dancing around the edges.

Bras pulled her head back with Sasha’s tit in it until her tit popped out with a wet smack sound. As Brass replaced Sasha’s hot pink bikini top, she said, “Time for a swim in the ocean.” Sasha knew Brass was in charge and adjusted her top before she stepped down the steps toward the ocean. Brass enjoyed the view as Sasha walked on the beach. Her bright pink thong riding between sweet round ass cheeks.

With her toes in warm white sand, Brass walked slowly toward the water. Already in the up to her thighs in the gentle waves, Sasha turned with the sunset behind her creating a beautiful silouete. “Come in and watch this beautiful sunset with me Brass.” Brass smiled and stepped into the turquoise water.

Written by Flykr

After the party, Sasha and Brass were sitting out back by the pool watching Rex and his hot assistants clean up.

Rex had one female assistant named Candy. Candy was a tall Swede with a long blonde braided ponytail hanging down her back. It hung over a black tank top and black mini circle skirt. Her large fake tits looked like they would be a lot of fun. She was bending over as she folded the chairs belonging to Rex’s Catering. Every time she bent over I would catch Jamal watching for a glimpse of Candy’s firm ass with a sexy thong buried between her ass cheeks.

Jamal, Rex’s other assistant, was tall and thin like a runner. Jamal was lifting the tables over his head to carry them to the van, and every time he did that, his pants slid down low on his tight ass. Brass and Sasha were having a hard time keeping their hands off of each other with all of this eye candy making them horny.

Rex and his crew were at their van packing their stuff which gave Brass a private moment to pressed her bare foot between Sasha’s legs. Sasha spread her legs, and Brass dipped her toe in pussy juice. They were so caught up in their play that, yet again, they did not hear Rex come out to the pool to say they were loaded and ready to go. He stood there a while and finally said, “Brass, your killing me here. How about we settle up quick so I can get out of here?”

Brass and Sasha smiled at each other when they noticed his rock hard boner. Brass had an idea.

Brass said, “Rex, that was a great meal. You and your crew did a great job tonight. Why don’t you come over here so I can pay you?” She knew he would have a hard time walking with that boner, but he managed to make it over.

As he made his way over to them, Brass slowly pulled her foot from between Sasha’s legs and Sasha slowly closed her legs. Brass and Rex took a nice long look at her groomed wet pussy.

“Rex,” Brass said, in her most intimidating voice. “You have interrupted my wife and me twice tonight and both times you walked away with a rod.“ Rex said, “Hell yes, you are both fine women.” Brass replied. “What do you plan to do with that rod in your pants?” Brass was in control and all of them knew it. Rex said, “I am planning to get to my van as fast as I can so that Jamal and I can fuck Candy in my van in the driveway of your house.”

I thought Sasha was going to crawl out of her dress right then, but she just smiled and put her hand down between her legs and started playing with her crotch.

Brass said, “Why don’t you get them out of the van and bring them back here by the pool to have your fun.” He smiled at both of them, reached inside his black chef pants to stroke his cock and silently turned and left.

When the three of them returned, Candy and Jamal looked like they had been starting without Rex. Candy was all flushed and her hair was now loose.

Brass said, “You three should take a swim in the pool. Enjoy yourself” Brass has a way of telling people to do things and they just do them.

Rex stripped off his chef shirt to reveal chiseled abs. Next he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants. Standing naked with his long thin boner protruding as he dove into the pool and swam to the deep end. ‘Hmmm’ Brass thought, ‘Jamal has the perfect cock for butt fucking.’

Next, Jamal was naked with a deep chocolate boner that was big and thick. He stroked it as he slowly walked into the pool. As his hard cock went under water, he swam over to Rex. They faced each other with only their heads above water. Rex pulled Jamal to him and they began to kiss. Bodies pressed together with tongues going in and out as they kissed and touched naked wet skin.

Eventually, Rex pulled himself up to sit on the side of the pool with his legs hanging in the water. Jamal swam between Rex’s legs and Rex’s cock began to disappear into Jamal’s mouth. Watching Jamal ride his mouth up and down Rex’s cock, Candy walked naked over to Rex who pulled her pussy to his mouth. The smacking sounds he made as he sucked on Candy’s pussy were loud enough for all of them to hear. Jamal’s head continued to bob up and down Rex’s cock while Rex sucked and licked Candy’s pussy. Jamal got out of the pool and Rex stood up too.

As the three of them stood, Candy was between them. Her glowing white skin between the two dark men made a nice sight. Jamal was behind Candy and reached around and grabbed both tits. Rex pressed his boner on Candy as he kissed her deeply. They managed to get to the big square ottoman.

Jamal lay down on his back on the low ottoman and Sasha straddled his dark brown boner, which began to disappear into her pussy. She rocked her hips up and down on Jamal’s boner. As she was fucking Jamal, Rex stood over her and she started sucking his cock. As Brass and Sash watched her sucking Rex’s cock and fucking Jamal, they moved to the ottoman beside them.

Brass lay on her back on the other low ottoman and Sasha bent over and started flicking Brass’s clit with her tongue. Sasha ass was sticking up in the air and Rex noticed as he stood on the ottoman beside them. He looked at Brass and she nodded ok, so he pulled his cock out of Candy’s mouth and brought that boner over to Brass and Sasha.

“Sasha”, Brass said, “ Are you ready to get your ass fucked by Jamal?” Sasha pulled her tongue out of Brass’s pussy and looked behind her through her legs. Rex was right behind her and all she could see was his long thin boner. She looked at Brass and nodded her head with a big grin.

Rex pushed her tight red dress up to her waist and started rubbing her ass cheeks. He bent down and started running his tongue around the outside of her asshole. She intensified her sucking on Brass’s clit so much that Brass almost had an orgasm. Brass watched Jamal stand up and put his finger in Sash’s pussy to get it wet, and then he began pressing that finger into her asshole. He buried it all the way and pulled it out. Then he put two fingers in Sasha’s asshole and buried them all the way. She buried her tongue up Brass’s pussy with delight.

As Brass watched, Jamal slowly pushed his boner into Sasha’s ass. Brass watched as the long thin dick slowly disappeared. He began pumping in and out of Sasha’s ass and she moaned with pleasure. She was licking and sucking Brass’s pussy and Jamal began fucking her hard. Brass could hear him slapping against Sasha’s ass and knew that her freaky wife was in heaven.

Brass’s orgasm began to build. Sasha’s orgasm was building as Jamal pounded her ass. Brass looked over and Candy was on all fours with Jamal fucking her cunt hard. They both started to cum as Brass watched.

Sasha’s tongue plunged into Brass’s pussy just as she began to orgasm. Brass started cumming and cumming and watched Jamal dump a load into Shanequa’s ass at the same time. She came so hard that pussy juice was dripping from her cunt. Sasha started licking up Brass’s pussy cum while Rex pulled his spent cock out of her ass. He jumped back in to pool. Jamal and Candy soon followed him into the pool. All three of them got out and pulled their clothes over their wet bodies and left.

Brass and Sasha snuggled on the ottoman with both of them fully satisfied and spent.

After the caterers left, Sasha thanked Brass for the surprise ass fucking from Rex. Brass told her that she had been a good girl and had earned a special treat. They fell asleep with wet dreams ahead.

Brass knew she was on the right track when Sasha squealed with delight at the suggestion. It had been a while since they had a dinner party, and Brass knew how much her wife loved a good party. There was a new caterer in town with great reviews, so they agreed Brass would contact him. Two weeks later, the smells coming from their kitchen were magical. The caterer, named Rex, moved his chiseled body all around the kitchen. After making sure everything was ready, Brass told him she was going to run upstairs for a quick shower before the guests arrived.

As Brass was drying off, her horny wife, Sasha slipped into the Master Bath looking sexy in her short, tight red dress. Brass loved the way it hugged her tight round ass. Sasha put her arms around Brass and the smell of her perfume went straight to her crotch. Kissing her became very distracting. The towel dropped and Sasha sucked Brass’s nipple with her tongue going in flutters while she sucked. Holy Fucking Shit! Brass’s crotch was getting wetter by the second. Sasha let go of Brass’s tit and bent over the counter. As she bent, her short dress rose up to reveal a round brown ass with a tiny red strip of fabric that disappeared between her ass cheeks. Sasha said, “Brass, I want you to ass fuck me tonight, please.”

Brass slapped her on the ass and told her to spread her legs. Sasha spread her legs to reveal that tiny red strip of fabric stretched down over pussy. Brass pulled the string and snapped it. “Yes my pet, you will definitely get your ass fucked tonight, but it will be when I decide.” Sasha looked over her shoulder and smiled. Brass spread Sasha’s ass cheeks and slowly inserted a vibrating butt toy in her ass, next she slowly put two fingers up Sasha’s pussy and pulled them in and out and in and out until Shanequa was ready to cum. Slowly she pulled her fingers out of that wet cunt and slapped Shanequa on the ass.

The doorbell rang, but they were in such a sex trance, that it did not register in their brains.

Brass spread Sasha’s legs even more and moved the red fabric to allow her to put four fingers up Sasha’s wet pussy. In and out, in and out and when Brass slapped Sasha’s ass, she started to cum. Brass told Sasha to finger her clit which sent her over the edge. Her orgasm exploded and shudders racked Sasha as it consumed her. Brass pulled out her fingers and the butt plug and gave that tight ass on last slap.

Sasha stood up and kissed Brass. Next, she playfully tugged Brass’s tits and pulled her onto the bed where she spread Brass’s legs and buried her tongue up her wet pussy. The feel of her tongue going in and out of Brass’s pussy started to get Brass really horny. Sasha’s red thong was peeking out under her dress as she bent over Brass on the bed. She licked and sucked Brass’s pussy while Brass watched in the mirrors over the bed. Brass could not take her eyes off of Sasha’s mouth on her pussy or her brown ass in the air. Brass saw movement to her side and turned her head to see Rex, the caterer, in the doorway to their bedroom. Rex was watching them in a sex trance. Sasha, the exhibitionist, had neglected to close the door to the bedroom. It took Brass a second or two before she could process the situation because Sasha continued sucking and licking and sucking and licking Brass’s pussy. While she looked at him, Rex cleared his throat and said, “The guests are beginning to arrive, do you want me to begin serving the appetizers before you come down?” Brass’s eyes were about to roll back in her head, but she managed to answer him. “Sure Rex, we will be right down. Thank you.” Sasha drove her tongue up Brass’s pussy. Rex and his obvious boner turn around and went downstairs.

Sasha took her tongue out of Brass’s pussy and said, “This could be an even more interesting evening than I anticipated.” She winked at Brass and moved slowly to Brass’s clit where she began sucking and licking and sucking and licking. Brass’s orgasm began building and building until it erupted and shot pussy cum all over Sasha’s mouth. Sasha was addicted to her wife’s cum. Brass watched as Sasha licked up every bit of her cum and was reminded how much she loved being loved by Sasha Being master of a sex freak, who craved being controlled, was the perfect match for Brass. They were monogamous unless Brass decided to include someone else. Sometimes she did, but she was very picky. Brass got dressed and they went down stairs to be with their guests.

Written by Flykr

Brass was a name she earned while she was clawing her way up in the industry. Brass, as in Brass Balls, and you better believe it. Do not fuck with her or prepare to be crushed.

Running her company had its good days and a few bad days, but the money was finally starting to come in and life was looking up. Her pale skin and piercing blue eyes contrasted with her long dark hair as she jumped in her Lexus. Today was a good day, and she was looking forward to celebrating with her partner Sasha

Just thinking about Sasha’s beautiful brown skin with her hot body and her perfect nipples was making Brass start to feel herself getting wet.

As Brass walked into the house, Sasha called her name to come upstairs for appetizers. Now, she knows that I do not allow any food in our bedroom, and I was beginning to think she would need to be punished for breaking my rules. I was deciding on the way up the stairs whether I should spank her for her disobedience, but she might like that.

As I entered the master bathroom, she rose from the big tub and suds began to cling to her toned body as it slid down her nipple to her torso then down over her very clean pussy. Sasha had my full attention as she stepped out of the tub, turned around and bent over and grabbed her ankles. Her beautiful ass was shinning with the water dripping down to her pussy. “Your appetizers are ready Brass.” Standing and facing me, she began to twist her nipples.

I sat down on the couch in our bedroom and motioned for her to stand in front of me. She walked over and her pussy was even with my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her clit to my mouth and began sucking and licking and sucking and licking. I love clean pussy! She was having a hard time keeping her balance so I stuck my tongue up her pussy as far as it would go. Her juice was better than any booze for relaxing after a hard day at work. Just when she was about to cum, I moved back to her clit and started sucking and licking until she was almost ready to cum. Then I stopped. She knows that she must wait patiently until I am ready for her to cum, and I was not ready for that yet.

I had her straddle my lap so her tits were right at my mouth. Taking her nipple in my mouth, I lightly suck and tease until it is nice and hard, then I take more of the areole in my mouth and suck and lick until she is ready to cum. Then I stop.

Moving Sasha off of me, I stand up and tell her to take off my clothes. She is so horny that she can barely function, but she manages to get me naked. Without permission, she takes my very large tit in her mouth and begins sucking and licking, which is making me even wet. But she did not ask permission so I tell her she must be punished. I pull my tit out of her mouth and tell her to bend over and grab her ankles.

With her ass in the air, I get some lube and a butt plug from the bedside table without taking my eyes off of that sweet brown hole. Rubbing the lube on the butt plug before I gently begin pressing it into her asshole. Slowly it glides all the way in and I instruct her to stand.

As I lie on the bed, I instruct her to get on top of me so we can 69. She walks over to the bed with butt plug and I take it and gently move it in and out as her pussy comes to my mouth while her mouth is claiming mine.

We begin to suck and lick each other and I am also enjoying fucking her with the butt plug. I feel her start to cum just as I am beginning to cum. Tongues and lips are sliding in all the pussy juice. Bigger and bigger and N0W!!! Orgasm so strong I loose control and blast cum all over her mouth. She goes limp as her orgasm climaxed. We lay there spent and happy with some great appetizers.

Written By: Flikr


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