Brass and the Caterers

Brass knew she was on the right track when Sasha squealed with delight at the suggestion. It had been a while since they had a dinner party, and Brass knew how much her wife loved a good party. There was a new caterer in town with great reviews, so they agreed Brass would contact him. Two weeks later, the smells coming from their kitchen were magical. The caterer, named Rex, moved his chiseled body all around the kitchen. After making sure everything was ready, Brass told him she was going to run upstairs for a quick shower before the guests arrived.

As Brass was drying off, her horny wife, Sasha slipped into the Master Bath looking sexy in her short, tight red dress. Brass loved the way it hugged her tight round ass. Sasha put her arms around Brass and the smell of her perfume went straight to her crotch. Kissing her became very distracting. The towel dropped and Sasha sucked Brass’s nipple with her tongue going in flutters while she sucked. Holy Fucking Shit! Brass’s crotch was getting wetter by the second. Sasha let go of Brass’s tit and bent over the counter. As she bent, her short dress rose up to reveal a round brown ass with a tiny red strip of fabric that disappeared between her ass cheeks. Sasha said, “Brass, I want you to ass fuck me tonight, please.”

Brass slapped her on the ass and told her to spread her legs. Sasha spread her legs to reveal that tiny red strip of fabric stretched down over pussy. Brass pulled the string and snapped it. “Yes my pet, you will definitely get your ass fucked tonight, but it will be when I decide.” Sasha looked over her shoulder and smiled. Brass spread Sasha’s ass cheeks and slowly inserted a vibrating butt toy in her ass, next she slowly put two fingers up Sasha’s pussy and pulled them in and out and in and out until Shanequa was ready to cum. Slowly she pulled her fingers out of that wet cunt and slapped Shanequa on the ass.

The doorbell rang, but they were in such a sex trance, that it did not register in their brains.

Brass spread Sasha’s legs even more and moved the red fabric to allow her to put four fingers up Sasha’s wet pussy. In and out, in and out and when Brass slapped Sasha’s ass, she started to cum. Brass told Sasha to finger her clit which sent her over the edge. Her orgasm exploded and shudders racked Sasha as it consumed her. Brass pulled out her fingers and the butt plug and gave that tight ass on last slap.

Sasha stood up and kissed Brass. Next, she playfully tugged Brass’s tits and pulled her onto the bed where she spread Brass’s legs and buried her tongue up her wet pussy. The feel of her tongue going in and out of Brass’s pussy started to get Brass really horny. Sasha’s red thong was peeking out under her dress as she bent over Brass on the bed. She licked and sucked Brass’s pussy while Brass watched in the mirrors over the bed. Brass could not take her eyes off of Sasha’s mouth on her pussy or her brown ass in the air. Brass saw movement to her side and turned her head to see Rex, the caterer, in the doorway to their bedroom. Rex was watching them in a sex trance. Sasha, the exhibitionist, had neglected to close the door to the bedroom. It took Brass a second or two before she could process the situation because Sasha continued sucking and licking and sucking and licking Brass’s pussy. While she looked at him, Rex cleared his throat and said, “The guests are beginning to arrive, do you want me to begin serving the appetizers before you come down?” Brass’s eyes were about to roll back in her head, but she managed to answer him. “Sure Rex, we will be right down. Thank you.” Sasha drove her tongue up Brass’s pussy. Rex and his obvious boner turn around and went downstairs.

Sasha took her tongue out of Brass’s pussy and said, “This could be an even more interesting evening than I anticipated.” She winked at Brass and moved slowly to Brass’s clit where she began sucking and licking and sucking and licking. Brass’s orgasm began building and building until it erupted and shot pussy cum all over Sasha’s mouth. Sasha was addicted to her wife’s cum. Brass watched as Sasha licked up every bit of her cum and was reminded how much she loved being loved by Sasha Being master of a sex freak, who craved being controlled, was the perfect match for Brass. They were monogamous unless Brass decided to include someone else. Sometimes she did, but she was very picky. Brass got dressed and they went down stairs to be with their guests.

Written by Flykr

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