Brass Caterer Part II

After the party, Sasha and Brass were sitting out back by the pool watching Rex and his hot assistants clean up.

Rex had one female assistant named Candy. Candy was a tall Swede with a long blonde braided ponytail hanging down her back. It hung over a black tank top and black mini circle skirt. Her large fake tits looked like they would be a lot of fun. She was bending over as she folded the chairs belonging to Rex’s Catering. Every time she bent over I would catch Jamal watching for a glimpse of Candy’s firm ass with a sexy thong buried between her ass cheeks.

Jamal, Rex’s other assistant, was tall and thin like a runner. Jamal was lifting the tables over his head to carry them to the van, and every time he did that, his pants slid down low on his tight ass. Brass and Sasha were having a hard time keeping their hands off of each other with all of this eye candy making them horny.

Rex and his crew were at their van packing their stuff which gave Brass a private moment to pressed her bare foot between Sasha’s legs. Sasha spread her legs, and Brass dipped her toe in pussy juice. They were so caught up in their play that, yet again, they did not hear Rex come out to the pool to say they were loaded and ready to go. He stood there a while and finally said, “Brass, your killing me here. How about we settle up quick so I can get out of here?”

Brass and Sasha smiled at each other when they noticed his rock hard boner. Brass had an idea.

Brass said, “Rex, that was a great meal. You and your crew did a great job tonight. Why don’t you come over here so I can pay you?” She knew he would have a hard time walking with that boner, but he managed to make it over.

As he made his way over to them, Brass slowly pulled her foot from between Sasha’s legs and Sasha slowly closed her legs. Brass and Rex took a nice long look at her groomed wet pussy.

“Rex,” Brass said, in her most intimidating voice. “You have interrupted my wife and me twice tonight and both times you walked away with a rod.“ Rex said, “Hell yes, you are both fine women.” Brass replied. “What do you plan to do with that rod in your pants?” Brass was in control and all of them knew it. Rex said, “I am planning to get to my van as fast as I can so that Jamal and I can fuck Candy in my van in the driveway of your house.”

I thought Sasha was going to crawl out of her dress right then, but she just smiled and put her hand down between her legs and started playing with her crotch.

Brass said, “Why don’t you get them out of the van and bring them back here by the pool to have your fun.” He smiled at both of them, reached inside his black chef pants to stroke his cock and silently turned and left.

When the three of them returned, Candy and Jamal looked like they had been starting without Rex. Candy was all flushed and her hair was now loose.

Brass said, “You three should take a swim in the pool. Enjoy yourself” Brass has a way of telling people to do things and they just do them.

Rex stripped off his chef shirt to reveal chiseled abs. Next he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants. Standing naked with his long thin boner protruding as he dove into the pool and swam to the deep end. ‘Hmmm’ Brass thought, ‘Jamal has the perfect cock for butt fucking.’

Next, Jamal was naked with a deep chocolate boner that was big and thick. He stroked it as he slowly walked into the pool. As his hard cock went under water, he swam over to Rex. They faced each other with only their heads above water. Rex pulled Jamal to him and they began to kiss. Bodies pressed together with tongues going in and out as they kissed and touched naked wet skin.

Eventually, Rex pulled himself up to sit on the side of the pool with his legs hanging in the water. Jamal swam between Rex’s legs and Rex’s cock began to disappear into Jamal’s mouth. Watching Jamal ride his mouth up and down Rex’s cock, Candy walked naked over to Rex who pulled her pussy to his mouth. The smacking sounds he made as he sucked on Candy’s pussy were loud enough for all of them to hear. Jamal’s head continued to bob up and down Rex’s cock while Rex sucked and licked Candy’s pussy. Jamal got out of the pool and Rex stood up too.

As the three of them stood, Candy was between them. Her glowing white skin between the two dark men made a nice sight. Jamal was behind Candy and reached around and grabbed both tits. Rex pressed his boner on Candy as he kissed her deeply. They managed to get to the big square ottoman.

Jamal lay down on his back on the low ottoman and Sasha straddled his dark brown boner, which began to disappear into her pussy. She rocked her hips up and down on Jamal’s boner. As she was fucking Jamal, Rex stood over her and she started sucking his cock. As Brass and Sash watched her sucking Rex’s cock and fucking Jamal, they moved to the ottoman beside them.

Brass lay on her back on the other low ottoman and Sasha bent over and started flicking Brass’s clit with her tongue. Sasha ass was sticking up in the air and Rex noticed as he stood on the ottoman beside them. He looked at Brass and she nodded ok, so he pulled his cock out of Candy’s mouth and brought that boner over to Brass and Sasha.

“Sasha”, Brass said, “ Are you ready to get your ass fucked by Jamal?” Sasha pulled her tongue out of Brass’s pussy and looked behind her through her legs. Rex was right behind her and all she could see was his long thin boner. She looked at Brass and nodded her head with a big grin.

Rex pushed her tight red dress up to her waist and started rubbing her ass cheeks. He bent down and started running his tongue around the outside of her asshole. She intensified her sucking on Brass’s clit so much that Brass almost had an orgasm. Brass watched Jamal stand up and put his finger in Sash’s pussy to get it wet, and then he began pressing that finger into her asshole. He buried it all the way and pulled it out. Then he put two fingers in Sasha’s asshole and buried them all the way. She buried her tongue up Brass’s pussy with delight.

As Brass watched, Jamal slowly pushed his boner into Sasha’s ass. Brass watched as the long thin dick slowly disappeared. He began pumping in and out of Sasha’s ass and she moaned with pleasure. She was licking and sucking Brass’s pussy and Jamal began fucking her hard. Brass could hear him slapping against Sasha’s ass and knew that her freaky wife was in heaven.

Brass’s orgasm began to build. Sasha’s orgasm was building as Jamal pounded her ass. Brass looked over and Candy was on all fours with Jamal fucking her cunt hard. They both started to cum as Brass watched.

Sasha’s tongue plunged into Brass’s pussy just as she began to orgasm. Brass started cumming and cumming and watched Jamal dump a load into Shanequa’s ass at the same time. She came so hard that pussy juice was dripping from her cunt. Sasha started licking up Brass’s pussy cum while Rex pulled his spent cock out of her ass. He jumped back in to pool. Jamal and Candy soon followed him into the pool. All three of them got out and pulled their clothes over their wet bodies and left.

Brass and Sasha snuggled on the ottoman with both of them fully satisfied and spent.

After the caterers left, Sasha thanked Brass for the surprise ass fucking from Rex. Brass told her that she had been a good girl and had earned a special treat. They fell asleep with wet dreams ahead.

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