Brass Appetizers

Brass was a name she earned while she was clawing her way up in the industry. Brass, as in Brass Balls, and you better believe it. Do not fuck with her or prepare to be crushed.

Running her company had its good days and a few bad days, but the money was finally starting to come in and life was looking up. Her pale skin and piercing blue eyes contrasted with her long dark hair as she jumped in her Lexus. Today was a good day, and she was looking forward to celebrating with her partner Sasha

Just thinking about Sasha’s beautiful brown skin with her hot body and her perfect nipples was making Brass start to feel herself getting wet.

As Brass walked into the house, Sasha called her name to come upstairs for appetizers. Now, she knows that I do not allow any food in our bedroom, and I was beginning to think she would need to be punished for breaking my rules. I was deciding on the way up the stairs whether I should spank her for her disobedience, but she might like that.

As I entered the master bathroom, she rose from the big tub and suds began to cling to her toned body as it slid down her nipple to her torso then down over her very clean pussy. Sasha had my full attention as she stepped out of the tub, turned around and bent over and grabbed her ankles. Her beautiful ass was shinning with the water dripping down to her pussy. “Your appetizers are ready Brass.” Standing and facing me, she began to twist her nipples.

I sat down on the couch in our bedroom and motioned for her to stand in front of me. She walked over and her pussy was even with my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her clit to my mouth and began sucking and licking and sucking and licking. I love clean pussy! She was having a hard time keeping her balance so I stuck my tongue up her pussy as far as it would go. Her juice was better than any booze for relaxing after a hard day at work. Just when she was about to cum, I moved back to her clit and started sucking and licking until she was almost ready to cum. Then I stopped. She knows that she must wait patiently until I am ready for her to cum, and I was not ready for that yet.

I had her straddle my lap so her tits were right at my mouth. Taking her nipple in my mouth, I lightly suck and tease until it is nice and hard, then I take more of the areole in my mouth and suck and lick until she is ready to cum. Then I stop.

Moving Sasha off of me, I stand up and tell her to take off my clothes. She is so horny that she can barely function, but she manages to get me naked. Without permission, she takes my very large tit in her mouth and begins sucking and licking, which is making me even wet. But she did not ask permission so I tell her she must be punished. I pull my tit out of her mouth and tell her to bend over and grab her ankles.

With her ass in the air, I get some lube and a butt plug from the bedside table without taking my eyes off of that sweet brown hole. Rubbing the lube on the butt plug before I gently begin pressing it into her asshole. Slowly it glides all the way in and I instruct her to stand.

As I lie on the bed, I instruct her to get on top of me so we can 69. She walks over to the bed with butt plug and I take it and gently move it in and out as her pussy comes to my mouth while her mouth is claiming mine.

We begin to suck and lick each other and I am also enjoying fucking her with the butt plug. I feel her start to cum just as I am beginning to cum. Tongues and lips are sliding in all the pussy juice. Bigger and bigger and N0W!!! Orgasm so strong I loose control and blast cum all over her mouth. She goes limp as her orgasm climaxed. We lay there spent and happy with some great appetizers.

Written By: Flikr

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